Modifiers and Layers

Have you ever dipped you toes into the arcane world of modifiers, saved the slide as a style, and then found out that the modifiers no longer worked? Well, this is to help you figure out what’s going on so you no longer experience this.

What are modifiers?
Modifiers are a wonderful tool in letting you do things that are difficult or impossible to do without them. They can make adjustments to an effect much simpler by letting you make changes to only a few slides and having those changes automatically affect many other layers. For that reason it’s important to understand how Producer works with these tools so that they work as you expect them to work. However, modifiers are an advanced feature of Producer and remain undocumented over 2 years after their introduction!

Saving the Created Effect.
After you have created your effect, you will want to save it so you don’t have to go about recreating it. After all, some of these user created effects take a considerable amount of work and time. Applying a style to a slide only takes a few seconds. When you apply a style to a slide, the effect gets built a layer at a time. After it is created, that layer’s settings are also created. If a modifier on that layer exists that references another layer, Producer will check to see which layer it is. If the layer is a lower numbered layer (higher level), it exists and the layer reference is created as designed. If that referenced layer is a higher numbered (lower level) layer that does not yet exist, the layer reference defaults (typically) to layer 1. That typically breaks your effect completely.

Bottom Line
So, to make sure your effect works after being converted into a style, make sure your modifier references lower numbered (higher positioned) layers. If this effect you have created is never going to end up in a style, your modifier can refer to earlier or later layers without a problem.

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