TOOLS FOR PROSHOW. Rotation: Location of Layer

Well, it’s been awhile since I have done anything with ProShow. A few piddling things here and there, but I haven’t followed up on much of anything. I did however, work a fair amount on my Tools For ProShow. I did some work in early January but then, the tax season hit and I got slammed with work. I was working over 120 hours per pay period (I am a tax preparer completing both corporate and individual taxes). So, I did next to nothing else until after tax season ended. Then, I took 2 months off.

New Release of Tools for ProShow. I recently finished off a bunch of changes in the worksheet, many minor and some not quite so minor. The most recent release is now available at my site: v11.21. You can find it here:

Providing a layer aspect for use by many of the Tools is now much more flexible than in previous releases. Dropdown lists are now much easier to identify. Numerous tweaks of the calculations were made to make them faster, overall. Some were simplified. The reset buttons (macro driven) now work only within their respective sections.

Layer: Aspect/Dimensions (User Values) replaces Layer Information. The option to enter the layer’s scale was removed. The tool using the selected layer makes the scale selection as appropriate. Additionally, a selection of a pre-defined aspect is now provided for each user aspect value.

Findings. Select one of the three user provided aspects. Or, select a predefined aspect from the dropdown list. Select the desired scale for the layer.

Rotation: Location of Layer. This tools provides the actual location of a layer that has been rotated on a non-zero rotate center. A layer’s location is defined by its center point. So, when the layer is rotated on a point other than its center, it’s physical location is not what ProShow reports. Additionally, if you provide a desired position at which to place the layer, the appropriate pan values (location) to place it there are provided.

This link provides access to a demonstration of the use of this tool:

Layer: Outlines/Frames. Considerably revamped and enhanced. When a Change in Zoom is given for the normalized axis (except for Safe Zone selections), it is doubled and added to the final zoom for that axis (effectively, the change in zoom is the amount for EACH layer side). The tool provides the ability to create a Polaroid outline (one size much larger than the other three).

The ∆ ↔↕ (delta width and height) tool simply shows the difference in width and height between the Findings Layers 1, 2, and 3. This can prove helpful if you need to comparing layer sizes.


2 thoughts on “TOOLS FOR PROSHOW. Rotation: Location of Layer”

  1. Hi Dale
    How are you ?
    Here in France, there is a heat wave. More than 95 F in my region !!! I know that this is usual in your state in summer but here it’s rather high
    Just 2 words about ProShow. This is quite a full year without any release. Is Photodex still working on development ? Would you have any infos on what they are working on ?
    Hope all is going well for you


    1. Hi there Jean-Pierre. Yep, pretty normal temps for here during the summer months. What’s nice though, is that the humidity here is really low. Makes the heat much less oppressive. As for ProShow … I don’t know what they’re working on. There’s nothing coming out of them in any fashion. I can say there is NOTHING in the beta testing side of things either. We can all speculate as to what Photodex is doing. However, being the cynical type (based on past releases), I wouldn’t get my hopes up that they’ll update the program with some critical updates on existing features (beefed up cropping, greatly enhanced outlines/frames, width AND height info, positioning information, enhanced rotate center functionality, improved modifiers, and enhancements to layer handling). These have been requested time and again and they keep going after other, much less critical features … and doing little that actually address the program functionality. Yes, they’ve provided some nice to have stuff in their features. But, the improvements have been less than well received. My Tools for ProShow Offer features THEY should have in the program.

      It’s been a few months over a year now since the last release. This is the 3rd time they’ve done that. The last couple of times resulted in disappointment … I’m hoping that users raised enough of a concern to the powers that bee that they may actually address the fundamental issues the users really want (and needz).

      As for effects (styles and transitions), I’ve done little with ProShow because there’s little else to try for. I have updated a few effects but haven’t released them. I’ve had a significant lack of spare time. I’ve been working a lot (and I’m RETIRED!). The worksheet offered intellectual challenges. Ferreting out the details about how things work. I wonder if Photodex will do anything to give some obsolescence to it? That would be the hope!


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