Images are Blurred during Play/Scrub

After we add our graphic or image to a slide, we often play or scrub the slide to preview our work. At the same time, we are expecting nice crisp images in the preview screen. However, sometimes what we get is a very blurred image.

Disheartened, we think there is something wrong with the program or the image. So, we remove and replace it or we edit it to make it smaller. The fact is, ProShow takes a kind of snapshot of the image we imported into the program. It’s a much smaller sized image that’s used for play and scrub previews. This image, when resized to fit the screen during playback, makes for a very blurred preview.

No worries though. Export the image into an output format and your images will look just fine. The resolution of the images in the output format are simply fine.

© 20140525-1410 Dale Fenimore, All Rights Reserved


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