I started using Proshow Gold in May 2006. Two weeks later I upgraded to ProShow Producer to gain access to the advanced capabilities and have never looked back. I’m now using Photopia’s programs. Photopia uses much of the legacy from the ProShow programs. Director and Creator however, take the capabilities that ProShow had are expanded to many new levels (but, it does not have modifiers).

This blog more or less consolidates answers to questions I’ve been asked or come across. It also provides associated tips/hints, tutorials, and such to help people learn how to do some of these effects themselves. I also have a few tutorials here: Slideshow creation tips (PDF), Masking, Creating your own Outlines & Shadows, Pan Following, and Rotate Center. These represent several hours of video tutorials.

Photodex published a book on how to create good slideshows called Secrets of ProShow Experts (The Official Guide to Creating your best slide shows with Proshow Gold and Producer). I was invited by Photodex to be one of the 10 contributing authors. This is an excellent source for great tips on creating excellent slideshows. Creating slideshows is easy. However, creating one that someone will want to view more than once or hasn’t bored the viewer after the first several minutes is not quite as easy.


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