ProShow/Photopia Discussions

Upon opening the ProShow/Photopia program, we generally find it easy to create a slideshow. We place images on ProShow’s slide metaphor (variously referred to as the screen or the frame). The images reside on layers. We marvel at what we can do with them: move them to any location on the screen; resize, tilt and  rotate them; and change their opacity, color, and brightness. In the process, barely a thought is given to what we are really doing.

However, once we have created a few slideshows, you may start wondering about what is really occurring when some function is performed on a layer. You may wonder why your really small thumbnail image ends up as a really large image upon being imported into ProShow/Photopia. Why does your really huge image even fit in the screen upon being imported? What really happens when the image size is changed and why are the same changes not the same for all images.

Rotate center changes are easy to use. However, they are deceptively complicated. You can set a rotate center easy enough. However, change the layer’s size and/or position and the rotate center you were using suddenly no longer exists. What documentation is provided for this feature is woefully inadequate. It tells you absolutely nothing about how to effectively use the feature. As a result, the feature is next to useless for most people.

You see, troubles start when you begin questioning things. Ofttimes, the mysteries of problems being researched get even more mysterious, if not downright confusing. Also, it seems that only after having dug deep enough and long enough do things start making sense (as it finally dawns on us what is actually happening). On our own, that insight can take quite a bit of time to occur. Most of us do not have the luxury of time nor the desire to investigate why things do or do not work. The goal of this section is to short circuit some of that process.

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