Solid/Gradient Layer or Graphic Mask


The addition in v4 of masks was a very welcome addition. It meant that certain effects no longer had to rely on 3rd party software to create. The question then becomes, should I use a graphic for a mask or a layer created in Producer (Gold does not, at this time, have any masking capabilities, much less the ability to create solid or gradient layers)?

The answer should be obvious: it depends.

  • For simple masks: Oval, Round, Square, or Rectangle, the Producer layer is probably best. It is quick and easy to create and its weight is minimal, compared to a graphic layer.
  • For complex or odd-shaped masks: use a graphic.

The Producer layer has minimum size of 32×32 and the largest is 3200×3200. When a mask exceeding these size constraints is necessary, use a graphic.

When the complexity of the mask itself is beyond the simple limits of the Producer layer, a graphic is necessary. The gradient types of Linear, Radial, Diamond-shaped, Angular, Rectangular, and Plasma and the ability to add control points offer a wide variety of choices for layers. However, for the more complex content that we might like (such as multiple squares or diamond shapes) they are not as flexible as one might want in the creation of the desired mask content.

110423-0530 © Dale Fenimore, All Rights Reserved

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