Contest Winners

These shows are presented on YouTube for easy access. You may need the latest flash plugin to view.

  • My Neck of the Woods: Colorado, 2nd Place, April 2008 Contest winner, Photodex Corp
    A very brief overview of what Colorado has to offer with respect to awesome scenery. Most of the images in this show are within an hour and a half of the Denver area. 

  • Alaska Trip – August 2008, 2nd Place, Q1 2009 Contest winner, Photodex Corp
    A photographic trip along Hwy2 to Fairbanks and along Hwy3 to Anchorage, in the Fairbanks area, and in Denali National Park. Very scenic, several panoramas, some critters, mountains, and valleys. Beautiful, stark landscapes. Excellent view of Mt Denali (McKinley) 

  • American Scenery, 2nd Place, Q1 2010 Contest winner, Photodex Corp
    The original show was created to present at a local photography club meeting. This show is a revised latter half of the original (revisions were to to make it more presentable in the shorter length). It presents a kind of journey through different types of beautiful and interesting American scenery and some its wildlife. Enjoy the trip! 

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